Do You Offer Capsules or Pills?

No we do not offer pills or capsules - the only oral product we have is the entengo/mulondo aphrodisiac and it's only provided in powder form

Do You Ship to Other Countries?

Even though our main base is in South Africa - we also do ship to clients from other countries aswell - though they'll have to pay extra shipping costs!

How Long Do I Get My Product?

If you're within South Africa - It Takes 1 Day - But if you're outside South Africa Shipping Might Take Anywhere from 4 - 14 Days depending on the courier service but we do Ship the products on Weekdays after placing your order.

How long does it Take to See Results?

Depending on the Product You choose and your body's response to the herbs - typical results start manifesting within 6 - 13 days of constant application/use of the chosen product.

What Courier Services do You Use?

Standard Postal Courier EMS - Or additional costs for fast shipping DHL or FedEx.

How do I Pay?

Contact Us for Payment Details.